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Bruce Willis Is Raising ‘Kane’

Photo: Getty Images, Courtesy of IO Interactive

Kane & Lynch & Bruce: Bruce Willis is in negotiations to star as Kane in the video-game adaptation Kane & Lynch for Lionsgate. The game’s story follows the exploits of death-row inmate Kane and schizophrenic killer Lynch, who escape from prison to find a stolen fortune. It must be kind of depressing for Willis to realize how much he looks like a rendered texture-mapped polygonal video-game character. [HR]

De Palma Gets a Grip: Brian De Palma — dipping into a previously unexplored genre — will direct The Boston Stranglers, based on Susan Kelly’s nonfiction account of 1960’s Boston killings and the questionable conviction of Albert DeSalvo, for Valhalla Motion Pictures. “This is exciting for me because I’ve never done a movie about a notorious murder,” is what De Palma definitely didn’t say. [HR]

The Damon Factor: Matt Damon joins Morgan Freeman in Clint Eastwood’s Human Factor, the story of Nelson Mandela and rugby player Francois Pienaar, who together rallied the entire country of South Africa around the Springboks rugby team in 1985 1995. Expectations are high, since the last movie we saw about a rugby team had a bitchin’ plane crash and ended with dudes literally eating each other. [Variety]

Sherlock’s the Guy: It seems like every time we bet that Guy Ritchie will never direct another movie, some crazy exec goes and hires him. Next up for Madonna’s husband? Sherlock Holmes for Warner Bros., a reinvention of the classic sleuth, only now he’s “more adventuresome” and uses “his skills as a boxer and swordsman.” Too bad Guy Ritchie doesn’t have many “skills as a director.” [Variety]

Boardwalk in Winter: Sopranos writer Terence Winter will pen Martin Scorsese’s Boardwalk Empire for HBO, based on Nelson Johnson’s book about the birth, growth, and corruption of Atlantic City. Expect Donald Trump and the tic-tac-toe-playing chicken to play equally important roles in this sordid tale. [Variety]

Bruce Willis Is Raising ‘Kane’