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‘Cavemen’ Star Nick Kroll Is in Just As Much Denial As We Are

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“Right now I’m just waiting to hear about when we’re gonna start shooting Cavemen again. Seems like kind of a long break but I think we’re gonna come back really strong. Season 2 should be a pretty big deal.” —Cavemen’s Nick Kroll [Best Week Ever]

“I remember hearing Kermit sing and then finding out that that was actually a real person singing. That kind of blew my mind.” Jim James on his early musical influences [NYT]

“After the broadcast, people at E! told me Team Fanning was furious. To me there’s something hilarious about a 10-year-old girl having that much power. Hilarious to the point where I got fired.” Kathy Griffin on making a joke about Dakota Fanning at the 2005 Golden Globes [NYT]

“Lyrically and as being an artist, I have nothing to prove. Me and Dre have done everything there is to do. We’ve won the Super Bowl of music.” Big Boi [MTV]

“One of the things about Barbara Feldon is she has a certain ineffable quality. You either have that or you don’t, and I leave it up to the audience to decide whether I do.” Anne Hathaway is unsure about how ineffable she is [NYDN]

‘Cavemen’ Star Nick Kroll Is in Just As Much Denial As We Are