Confirmed: Franz Ferdinand Working on New Album, Probably

Photo: AFP

1. Franz Ferdinand, New Album Clips
The affable Scots have posted snippets of upcoming tracks on their official Website to prove that they have, in fact, been recording music, as opposed to just choreographing new onstage dance moves (which we hope they’re also working on!). [Franz Ferdinand]

2. Fleet Foxes, “He Doesn’t Know Why”
If you bought these harmonizing hippies’ excellent new album on iTunes, the audio on this track was glitchy, so the band’s helpful record label has made the MP3 available for free (luckily, they don’t seem to mind if nefarious music pirates download it also). [Stereogum]

3. Sondre Lerche, New Song (live)
Our seventh-favorite Norwegian’s melodies are getting better, even if his English isn’t. [Music Slut]

4. Duchess of York, “21st Century Slave”
DOY are a band of teenagers from Virginia who make English-sounding, sixties-flavored R&B. God, kids are growing up so fast these days. [Fuel Friends]

5. Pharrell, Julian Casablancas, and Santogold, “My Drive Thru”
The most prominent Neptune, the least photogenic Stroke, and Santogold sell out to bring us this semi-catchy track, a promotion for Converse shoes. But, the question is, can Converse shoes still be considered hip now that they’re endorsed by sellouts? [Busy Perros]

Confirmed: Franz Ferdinand Working on New Album, Probably