New Conor Oberst Track Overcomes Awful Pun

Photo: George Chin / Retna

1. Conor Oberst, “Souled Out!!!”
On the strength of this punny first track from Conor Oberst’s upcoming non–Bright Eyes album, it’s likely his shows will be “souled out in heaven,” as he implies in the lyrics, and pretty much everywhere else too. [Pitchfork]

2. Violent Femmes, “Crazy” (Gnarls Barkley cover)
At some run-down hotel bar on the Mexican border, the Femmes pay Gnarls Barkley back for St. Elsewhere’s “Gone Daddy Gone” remake. [Brugo]

3. Cody Chesnutt, “Afrobama”
Cody Chestnutt throws his power behind Obama with this Afrobeat jam. Guaranteed to motivate the party’s bass. [Gorilla Vs. Bear]

4. Clipse, “Fast Life”
Clipse’s new (and awesome) song is about the “Fast Life,” which is an interesting choice for an act whose last album came out four years after their previous one. [Panda Toes]

5. Liz Phair, “Ant in Alaska”
From the new Exile in Guyville reissue, a track recorded back when Liz used to be totally awesome, instead of slightly less so. [Stereogum]
Ehren Gresehover

New Conor Oberst Track Overcomes Awful Pun