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Outrage: David Archuleta Concert Canceled

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Local fans of Utah singing legend and defeated American Idol finalist (sniffle) David Archuleta have one more reason to feel cheated after the unfair cancellation of a charity concert he was scheduled to play tonight at Salt Lake City’s E Center. Idol producers reportedly nixed the show because they were worried about its cutting into ticket sales for the American Idols Live tour, figuring that once fans had seen David perform solo, they probably wouldn’t pony up the $65.50 (plus taxes and surcharges) to watch him share the stage with nine screeching goblins.

“They’re just going to reschedule the event for a later time,” says David’s father, Jeff, who, hilariously, appears to have set this up himself without asking anybody. “When all the minds met, everyone concluded this wouldn’t work out for this particular weekend, and they just want to reschedule it for toward the middle or the end of the [American Idol summer] tour.” But that’s not for another few months! This is a community in mourning now! And the last thing it needs is a lame group show featuring Kristy Lee Cook’s earache of a soprano or the plodding, out-of-tune “musical” stylings of David Cook. Proceeds from Archuleta’s concert were to go to the Make-a-Wish Foundation, which is now expected to be deluged with wishes to egg Nigel Lythgoe’s Ferrari.

David Archuleta’s Utah Concert Cancelled [Star]

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Outrage: David Archuleta Concert Canceled