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David Archuleta to Be Homeschooled by Stage Dad

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TMZ is reporting that rightful American Idol winner David Archuleta — who withdrew from the Utah public-school system last year to appear on the show, only to have his dreams crushed by a cruel, hearing-impaired voting public — will not be returning to Murray High for his senior year. Instead, Archuleta will be homeschooled by his father Jeff so he can better focus on the speedy delivery of his highly anticipated debut album. Naturally, Vulture feels this is an excellent decision that will give David unrestricted access to Jeff’s vast understanding of the music business and allow him to practice his craft, free of superfluous distractions like calculus and a graduation ceremony. Plus, these days, diplomas from accredited high schools aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on anyway — unless you want a job as a singing bartender.

Archuleta’s Daddy Day Care [TMZ]

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David Archuleta to Be Homeschooled by Stage Dad