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Diddy Hard at Work on Most Exciting Film of All Time

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Diddy to Play Several Action Heroes: To follow his appearance in ABC’s TV movie and Broadway version of A Raisin in the Sun, Renaissance man Sean “Diddy” Combs is developing a movie he describes as, “A modern action, almost a more realistic, black Bruce Willis/Bourne Identity/Quentin Tarantino.” [Reuters via Playlist]

Radiohead Not Worth the Exercise, Say French: An ecofriendly concert promotion for a Radiohead show in France went bust when fans — who would only have had to ride to the Paris offices of XL Records on a bicycle to score tickets — failed to materialize, leaving 35 passes unclaimed. [Sun U.K.]

Kellz Up to His Old Tricks Again: An employee of the recently acquitted R. Kelly has been accused of threatening to kill a state witness in his child-pornography trial. Additionally, Kelly is working on a gospel album. [E!, MTV]

New Hulk Not As Smashy As Hoped: Marvel Studios’ David Maisel may be publicly thrilled with the box office for the rebooted Incredible Hulk franchise ($55 million on opening weekend), but it actually performed worse than Ang Lee’s “failed” 2003 version, which pulled in $7 million more in its first three days of release. [Playlist]

Academy Sorry for Making You Sit Through Three Songs From Enchanted: The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has amended its rules so that only two songs from any given film can be nominated in the Oscars’ “Best Original Song” category, which is terrible news for Dreamgirls 2. [Variety]

Diddy Hard at Work on Most Exciting Film of All Time