‘Hancock’ to Be Huge Hit, Despite Probable Badness

Courtesy of Columbia Pictures

Despite poor reviews, a plot that allegedly doesn’t make any sense, and the fact that most people assume it will likely be kinda bad, Hancock is apparently on track to earn as much as $115 million when it hits theaters next weekend, according to Nikki Finke. While it’s probably dumb to bet against Will Smith on the Fourth of July, and we’re certainly not very good at predicting box-office results, this seems wildly optimistic to us. Sure, we can definitely see the appeal in a movie about an alcoholic superhero who throws a whale into a sailboat and stuffs one guy’s head into another guy’s butt (apparently you actually see this) — but is this the sort of thing that can make $100 million in five days? It’s not a franchise sequel, it’s not based on a nerd-beloved comic book, and it’s not even about aliens. Will people just go see Will Smith in anything? We guess we’ll find out!

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‘Hancock’ to Be Huge Hit, Despite Probable Badness