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Hollywood: ‘Wait, There Are Women Who Are Children, Too?’

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The attack by women upon men’s treasured box-office dominance continues — will it never end?! — with today’s Times piece comparing Kit Kittredge: An American Girl to Sex and the City. Though Kit Kittredge is for children, and “has no sex and not much of a city,” writes Michael Cieply, the movies share an “intense niche audience”: people without penises, who make up 51 percent of the humans on earth. The article makes some nice points about the ways in which the American Girl movie’s marketing mirrors SATC’s — including movie-night dinners reminiscent of the girls’ nights out that drove the opening-weekend box office of SATC — but it mostly feels hilarious, as Hollywood grapples yet again with the notion of females as potential audience members.

Once Kit Kittredge opens strong — and it will, those American Girl fans are insane — look for even more articles about how “10-year-old women” are the next great hope for Hollywood. “Is there a property out there about these so-called ‘little women’?” executives will scream into their phones. “Whaddya mean, we already made it?”

More Girls, Little Ones, Try to Take Back the Multiplex [NYT]
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Hollywood: ‘Wait, There Are Women Who Are Children, Too?’