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Is ‘The Happening’ So Bad It Defeats Math?

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The negative buzz on The Happening is deafening — from Razzie predictions to poster defacement to its own director lowering your expectations, everyone seems to agree that M. Night Shyamalan’s movie isn’t all that good.

But could the movie be so bad it actually defeats the laws of numerics? It seems so, as its current Metascore is 46 — this despite Metacritic cataloging only four reviews thus far, each scoring exactly 50.

Could it be that the movie’s badness is somehow dragging its Metascore down even as the seemingly inarguable rules of medians and means attempt to keep it at 50? Could it be God’s hand coming down from above, tugging at Night’s Metascore as punishment for making Him sit through The Lady in the Water? Or could (spoiler ahead) the villain be…

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Is ‘The Happening’ So Bad It Defeats Math?