Justice Render Coldplay Single Excellently Unrecognizable

Photo: Kate Glicksberg/Retna, WireImage

1. Coldplay, “Violet Hill (Justice’s Death and All His Friends Remix)”

We’re not going to listen to some Coldplay song no matter how much some critics might love it. Oh, it’s a Justice remix? And it sorta rocks? That’s different, then. [Lemur Blog]

2. Sisqó, “Thong Song (Baby Diamonds Remix)”
Perhaps sensing that Kellz is about to be defenestrated by the Chicago legal system, Baby Diamonds decided to play kingmaker with this electro mix of Sisqó’s annoyingly catchy hit. [Southside Discotheque]

3. Jeff Daniels, “Fashionably Late”
ScarJo’s record has been called a vanity project, but this folksy blues track from actor Jeff Daniels takes it to a whole new level, when he exclaims, “I could kiss myself, but I don’t know where to start.” Get a room, Daniels! [Daytrotter]

4. Tilly and the Wall, “Pot Kettle Black”
If Tilly and the Wall’s shout-along choruses and tap-dancing rhythm section usually sound like the high-school theater club, then this new song sounds like a cheerleading squad full of mean girls. [Brontosaur.us]

5. Wu-Tang Clan, “Stomp (Bloody Beetroots Remix)”
Bloody Beetroots remixes are more ubiquitous and harder to get rid of than the cockroaches in the Wu-Tang track they’re working with here. [Hyperbole] —Ehren Gresehover

Justice Render Coldplay Single Excellently Unrecognizable