Lil Wayne Discovers Cure for Wackness

Photo: Getty Images

1. Lil Wayne, “Dr. Carter”
An awesome, David Axelrod–sampling track from Weezy’s just-leaked Carter III, this is a jazzy number about Dr. Carter’s emergency clinic for MCs with bad (blood) flow. [I Wanna Fuck Dirty Harry]

2. Metallica, “Master of Puppets (Autodidakt Remix)”
The winner of a Metallica remix contest reimagines their 1986 track as a song about an evil disco robot that wants the human race to dance itself to death. There are worse ways to go. [One More Disco]

3. Abe Vigoda, “Abe Vigoda’s Dead”
Both their call to arms and a slantwise cover of Bauhaus’ “Bela Lugosi’s Dead,” this song’s shambling “blue-haired widows” are all out of luck, because Mr. Vigoda is still very much alive. [Einstein Music Journal]

4. Capcom, “A Prayer for Kevin Garnett (Willy Joy Safe Journeys Remix)”
A dedicated Timberwolves fan chops up Journey’s “Separate Ways” to show that he doesn’t hold any grudges against K.G. for taking the Celtics to the finals this week against the Lakers. Frankly, K.G. will need all the help he can get. [Cream Team]

5. Jimmie Reign, “Make You Wait”
Newcomer Jimmie Reign provides the perfect accompaniment to the SATC movie with this song about balancing lust with not wanting to settle. If people catch on, Reign could rule the radio this summer. [First Up]

Lil Wayne Discovers Cure for Wackness