McLovin’s Genius Overlooked Again at MTV Movie Awards

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Last night, on the shilliest, bullshittiest, most doltish awards show in the history of idiocy (not counting the Grammys), Chris Martin sung a bunch of wrong notes, Seth Rogen and James Franco pretended to smoke network-sanctioned fake marijuana live onstage, and Transformers bested National Treasure: Book of Secrets to win the prize for Best Movie. The most disappointing part of the MTV Movie Awards, though, was Christopher Mintz-Plasse’s surprise loss in the Breakthrough Performance category to Hairspray’s Zac Efron. This is not the first time Mintz-Plasse’s acclaimed portrayal of himself nerd McLovin has gone unrecognized, but since it was the MTV Movie Awards, it was probably just punishment for not actually showing up to the ceremony. Where was he last night? His prom? We hope so!

MTV Movie Awards Winners [MTV]

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McLovin’s Genius Overlooked Again at MTV Movie Awards