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M.I.A. Plays Yet Another Last Show

M.I.A. at a previous final show.Photo: Getty Images

Because we’re bloggers (and, thus, deathly afraid of the outdoors), we didn’t make it to Bonnaroo over the weekend, which is a shame (sort of) since it looks like we missed M.I.A.’s final show. Or the final show of her current tour, anyway. Or, at the very least, her last final show of last week. “This is my last show,” she told the unshowered masses on Friday night, according to the TimesJon Pareles. “And I’m glad I’m spending it with all my hippies.” Weirdly, though, last Tuesday, she told us her set at MoMA’s “Party in the Garden” was her last show. Also, she announced onstage at McCarren Park Pool on June 6 that that was her last show.

What’s she up to? Is her tour over yet? Is she messing with us, or is she just a really terrible quitter? Will she continue to play the rest of the purportedly canceled dates on her concert schedule as though they were all her last shows? And when will ticket holders finally know when not to show up? Only M.I.A. (maybe) knows the answers!

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M.I.A. Plays Yet Another Last Show