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Michael Scott to Get Second Chance With Charming HR Rep

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Ryan Goes Back to The Office: Amy Ryan has signed on for “at least five” more episodes of The Office as human-resources person Holly Flax, leaving Michael Scott ample opportunity to win her back with a mix CD and screw everything up again by hitting her with his car. [Variety]

Nike’s BTTF Shoes Disappoint in Every Possible Way: Nike is finally making sneakers similar to the ones worn by Marty McFly in Back to the Future Part II, except they don’t light up and don’t lace themselves, and, thus, would look completely stupid on a hover board. [Wired]

Time to Upgrade Your Plastic Guitar and Drum Set: This morning, video-game company Harmonix announced a September release for Rock Band 2: The Opening Act, the second incarnation of the popular Guitar Hero competitor, leaving you about two months to find a larger apartment. [Kotaku]

Wall-E Easter Eggs: Further cementing Wall-E’s Best Picture nomination are all the cool things Pixar’s hidden in the background in the movie. /Film found a few. [/Film]

Is There Any Reason to Care About the Possible Looming Actors’ Strike? Not yet! [Variety]

Michael Scott to Get Second Chance With Charming HR Rep