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Most Important Jonas Brother Battles Venti-Size Caffeine Addiction

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Jonas Brothers, Despite Omnipotence, Not Reading New York Magazine: “I have an energy drink when I wake up and a coffee when I eat breakfast,” Jonas Brother Nick tells Teen magazine this month. “Then [I have] a coffee at dinner and an energy drink right before I go onstage. Then I’m good.” Or is he?!? [People]

No Need to See Terminator 4 Anymore: Yesterday, Ain’t It Cool News’ Moriarty posted an e-mail from a reader claiming to know the surprise ending of Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins (currently scheduled for release on May 22, 2009). Turns out the reader was exactly correct! [Ain’t It Cool News]

Radiohead Welcomed to Internet: After years of playing the holdouts (presumably waiting for this whole iPod fad to blow over), technology stalwarts Radiohead have finally made their back catalogue available on iTunes. [Billboard]

Almost As Innovative As Kanye’s Travel Website: Wu-Tang Clan leader RZA launched, a new social-networking Website which will combine your love of online chess-playing, hip-hop, and paying $48 per year for something lots of other sites offer for free. [WuChess]

He-Man Script Gets Big Thumbs-Up: Latino Review has geeks in an uproar over a leaked draft of the screenplay for Grayskull: Masters of the Universe, which they call “Lord of the Rings meets The Matrix and a little Batman Begins thrown in for good measure.” [Latino Review]

Most Important Jonas Brother Battles Venti-Size Caffeine Addiction