My Morning Jacket Gets ‘Loaded’

Photo: Getty Images

1. My Morning Jacket, “Oh! Sweet Nuthin’” (Velvet Underground cover)
My Morning Jacket put on a great show at Bonnaroo, turning in this impressively soulful version of the best song on VU’s Loaded, before being joined by Zach Galifianakis (wearing a Little Orphan Annie dress) for a duet of Motley Crue’s “Home Sweet Home.” [Indie Muse]

2. R.E.M. feat. Eddie Vedder and Johnny Marr, “Begin the Begin”
On Tuesday in Philadelphia, Vedder joined Athens’ finest and Johnny Marr to sing this old chestnut from Life’s Rich Pageant. Not bad! [Fuel Friends]

3. Cyssero, “A Millie Freestyle”
Philly-based Cyssero is the latest to take a crack at Weezy’s “A Millie,” and at times seems to do a good job imitating his flow. Maybe not worth a millie, but definitely a few thou. [Fifty-One Fifty-One]

4. Mary Shelley Overdrive, “Who Do You Love” (Bo Diddly cover)
Who else but a band called Mary Shelley Overdrive could resurrect this classic from the recently passed Bo Diddly as muscle-bound goth dirge? [Licorice Pizza]

5. Alias feat. Why?, “Well Water Black”
Anticon’s Alias gets a little extra spooky help on this track from his forthcoming album. We’re not sure we’d drink the water out of the titular well, but we’ve definitely drunk the Kool-Aid on this track. [Missing Thumbs] —Ehren Gresehover

My Morning Jacket Gets ‘Loaded’