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Ne-Yo: Emo?

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“I think deep down, everybody just wants to be sad. That’s when you feel you’re most alive.” Ne-Yo [MTV]

“Both of them is rappers; they tried rapping before. They know ain’t no rules when it comes to rapping.” Snoop Dogg has Shaq’s back [MTV]

“They can do it better than we can because they don’t have to hide their lights. They don’t have cables or dolly tracks. They use a cursor and can get the shot. It’s just like heaven really, innit?” Roger Deakins on working with Pixar [NYP]

“I did have to teach Sir Ben how to take a bong hit.” —Wackness director Jonathan Levine [People]

“From the reports that I’ve been getting it is all females in the audience and I know it is a movie that attracts women but guys are allowed to go to this movie just so you know. Guys, you won’t be persecuted if you go to this movie.” Chris Noth [Female First]

Ne-Yo: Emo?