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Nicolas Cage Is ‘Ghost Rider’ ‘Ghost’ Writer

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Cage and Brosnan See Ghosts: Pierce Brosnan and Nicolas Cage will star in Roman Polanski’s The Ghost, based on Robert Harris’s novel about a ghostwriter (Cage) who gets hired to write the memoirs of the British prime minister (Brosnan) only to find himself in personal danger after a scandal. We hope Cage plays the writer as Donald Kaufman; we can just see him quizzing the prime minister, “I need a cool way to kill someone. Don’t worry, for the book.” [MTV]

MGM Still Wants You: MGM has picked up Still You, a comedy pitch from April Blair for Wild HogsWalt Becker to produce. Pitch focuses on a family vacation interrupted by an appearance from the wife’s flashy ex-boyfriend. In Blair’s own words: “Metaphorically speaking, your past occupies a part of every relationship. In our story, it’s sort of the physical manifestation of your ex-boyfriend literally in the third row of your minivan.” Whoa, you lost us at “metaphorically speaking.” [HR]

Fox and Helfer are Inseparable: Number Six — er, Tricia Helfer — will co-star in Fox’s drama pilot Inseparable, a modern-day Jekyll and Hyde series about a forensic psychiatrist whose alter ego is a charismatic criminal. Helfer will play a different psychiatrist, one who evaluates suspects for the police department. Let’s hope her evaluation doesn’t include watching Dexter, since that might give the whole thing away. [HR]

Carter Walks the Fence: While you’ve been sitting at home questioning the timing of the new X-Files movie, Chris Carter has been sneakily working on Fencewalker, a dark drama with “no supernatural elements.” He’s already started shooting it with Natalie Dormer (The Tudors), Katie Cassidy, and rapper-actor Xzibit. [HR]

Whoopi Hasn’t Had Enuf: Whoopi Goldberg will produce a revival of Ntozake Shange’s 1976 classic For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide/When the Rainbow Is Enuf, starring India.Arie and directed by Shirley Jo Finney. Hinton Battle (sweet!) will choreograph. Despite the presence of Whoopi, this news is too awesome to make fun of. [NYT]

Nicolas Cage Is ‘Ghost Rider’ ‘Ghost’ Writer