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Ryan Seacrest Finally Defines His Relationship With Simon

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“I can speak from experience — girls can come and go, but a ‘bromance’ can last forever.” Ryan Seacrest [Variety]

“We’ll be sitting around and drinking beers after we play a big show, and we’ll be really happy. But at the same time, it’s not the ‘80s any more. We’re not all riding around in limousines and snorting coke off of hookers’ tits.” Jim James is still waiting for the sign that My Morning Jacket has “made it” [A.V. Club]

“The lyrics really have the light shone on them when they’re balladized. So there is something to be said about, ‘Make him work work, make him work work work work work.’” Alanis Morissette finally speaks about her cover of “My Humps” [LAT]

“I’ve written my own sitcom that’s just been picked up by Nickelodeon that I start at Christmas. I’m the star of it. It’s a bit like Hannah Montana, but the black version.” Mel B [Mirror]

“I would love to only be doing David Mamet movies, but that’s not the career I have. I’m a journeyman. I work. If you need a good doorway made, then you call Tim Meadows.” Tim Meadows [A.V. Club]

Ryan Seacrest Finally Defines His Relationship With Simon