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Shrinking Violet Kim Cattrall Finds Another Restrained Character to Play

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Skin Tight: Kim Cattrall will star in HBO’s adaptation of the British comedy Sensitive Skin, which — believe it or not — concerns a middle-aged woman’s reawakened sexuality. Mitchell Burgess and Robin Green, both Emmy-winning writers from The Sopranos, will write and produce. It really seems like the undoubtedly exhausted pleasure centers of Cattrall’s brain deserve at least some kind of a consulting credit. [HR]

Marshall Keeps Dancing: Chicago director Rob Marshall has left ICM for CAA as he readies himself for the filming of Nine. ICM, of course, is now kicking itself for sending out holiday gifts that contained insufficient quantities of razzle-dazzle. [Variety]

Take That, Taylor Hicks: American Idol runner-up Katharine McPhee, who will appear later this summer in the comedy The House Bunny, has now signed to appear opposite Wes Bentley in The Storytellers, an upcoming indie drama. In the original script, Bentley played a writer tormented by his father’s death, but now, he will, of course, be diagnosed with a crippling case of McPheever. [HR]

Leight In Treatment?: Law & Order: Criminal Intent show-runner Warren Leight is close to being snatched away by HBO to work on a possible second season of its low-rated series In Treatment. While Dick Wolf, who heads up the L&O franchise, is the established king of turnover, this time it seems likely that Leight’s possible departure is not, in fact, because he is a lesbian. [Variety]

Minear Re-ups: Tim Minear, who has a boatload of television credits but is particularly beloved by Joss Whedonites for Firefly and Angel and by obscurity connoisseurs for Wonderfalls and Drive, has a new deal to continue his long association with 20th Century Fox TV. Minear’s work with Whedon on the heavily promoted Fox fall series Dollhouse keeps him on track for the fandom-induced nervous breakdown for which his health plan has been squirreling away its mental-health funds for years. [HR]

Shrinking Violet Kim Cattrall Finds Another Restrained Character to Play