The Wrens Rock for Your Internet Rights

Photo: Rob Grabowski / Retna

1. The Wrens, “Sleep”

This gorgeous new Wrens song — which appears on a compilation benefiting Net neutrality — finally makes us understand the importance of keeping the Internet a free and open platform (without a neutral Net, it might be harder to download more Wrens songs). [Rock the Net]

2. John Legend feat. André 3000, “Green Light”
Though this is John Legend’s song (available only as a snippet until a few days ago), it’s André 3000 who’s in the driver’s seat, as per usual. [Just a Moment]

3. A-Trak feat. Lupe Fiasco, “Me and My Sneakers”
This is the track that should’ve been A-Trak’s song for Nike, except Lupe was switched out for Kid Cudi because he couldn’t get cleared by his record company. We guess Nike doesn’t like selling shoes. [Nah Right]

4. Andy Yorke, “Rise and Fall”
We know a guy who studied with Thom’s brother Andy at Oxford. This new song from his upcoming solo album is nice enough, but we think that maybe he should’ve stuck to academics. [Hypeful]

5. Nas, “Sly Fox”
How does Nas feel about Bill O’Reilly and Fox News? To find out, you’re just going to have to download this new song. [Nah Right] —Ehren Gresehover

The Wrens Rock for Your Internet Rights