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Toby Keith’s Movie Will Disappoint No One

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“Ted has just shot a guy with a bow and arrow. And he’s leaving the set to go back to his trailer, and all of Hollywood is standing around and a cotton tail jumps up — rabbit — and crosses the set. POW! And he guts him a rabbit right in front of everybody.” Toby Keith on Ted Nugent’s cameo in the upcoming film Beer for My Horses [Spinner]

Arrested Development played late at night in England, so I got a lot of
coke addicts and meth freaks. Great. So you’ve seen me but you just don’t remember me.” Jason Bateman on international fame [Times UK]

“You know when you’re drinking those smoothies you’ve got in America, and you’re like, ‘I think I can taste papaya.’ That’s what we’re trying to do: make musical smoothies. We’ll have a Kanye West influence here, a Beatles influence there.” Chris Martin on Coldplay’s new album [Maxim]

“I’m not sure when I’ll come back with another record. I feel like I’ve done everything I can do with this set of tools.” —Maybe John Mayer should start making smoothies, too [USAT]

“I just wanna say that we are so incredible, we are such an incredible people. We are so beautiful and fly, and everybody wants to be like us.” Alicia Keys, giving a modest acceptance speech at the BET Awards [E!]

Toby Keith’s Movie Will Disappoint No One