Tony Awards: ‘Times,’ ‘Post’ Both Predict Stew Upset

Photos: Carol Rosegg (Stew); Joan Marcus (Miranda); Courtesy of the American Theater Wing (Tony)

We argued yesterday that despite the many virtues of Stew’s Passing Strange — great performances, awesome lighting design, rock music on Broadway that actually sounds like rock music — it simply wasn’t the kind of show that could upset In the Heights for Best Musical at Sunday’s Tony awards. But today, Campbell Robertson at the Times and Michael Riedel at the Post offer their awards predictions, both based on conversations with actual Tony voters, and they both predict Passing Strange will pull the upset.

Could we have been wrong? Of course! But we don’t think we were. And since none of the rest of the awards are in doubt — or even matter, financially — we’ll go officially on the record with what once seemed a safe bet but suddenly seems like picking the underdog: In the Heights will win Best Musical at the Tonys.

So how about it, Campbell and Michael? We’re not allowed to bet money, but if we’re wrong, we’ll grant you one thing that’s definitely in our power to grant: the position of editor-in-chief of New York Magazine. Can you step up?

Sunday in the Dark With Tony? [NYT]

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Tony Awards: ‘Times,’ ‘Post’ Both Predict Stew Upset