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Who Will Be America’s Next Top Janet Jackson?

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Jackson Gets Real: MTV is getting into the Janet Jackson business, developing a reality-based music competition that features Jackson mentoring aspiring singers and dancers. According to MTV’s Dave Broome, “it’s really about finding the next Janet Jackson or Justin Timberlake,” a dangerous combination, considering their last televised performance together. [Variety]

Miller Shot the Sheriff: Sienna Miller will star with Russell Crowe in Ridley Scott’s Nottingham, a reimagining of Robin Hood wherein the Sheriff of Nottingham (Crowe) is a noble peacekeeper dealing with a shady forest thief and a corrupt prince. This one already sounds more inspired than the Kevin Costner version, whose biggest new idea was attaching a camera to an arrow. [Variety]

Me, Myself, and Turner: Kathleen Turner, who snagged a Tony nomination for Edward Albee’s Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf, may be Broadway-bound once again in Albee’s newest play, Me, Myself, and I, according to an interview on “The Brian Lehrer Show.” Albee’s latest work focuses on identical twins, both named Otto, and their mother who struggles to tell them apart. Kind of like our mom with Wilmer Valderrama and Kal Penn. [Playbill]

Showtime for Perry: Matthew Perry and Peter Tolan (co-creator of Rescue Me) will write The End of Steve for Showtime, with Perry set to star. Series focuses on an egomaniacal local talk-show host on a path to salvation, à la My Name Is Earl. According to Showtime’s Zack Van Amburg, “the role is unlike any Perry has played.” So what is he, funny? (Nailed it!) [HR]

Roadside Chugs Keith’s Beer: In the best news since NASCAR coverage went HD, we’re delighted to announce that Roadside Attractions will distribute Beer for My Horses, written, produced, and starring Toby Keith. His movie follows two deputies who defy the sheriff to save a girlfriend from drug lords, and it even has Willie Nelson to boot. We want to make fun of this, but actually, this song is just so damn catchy. [Variety]

Overture Gets Taken: Overture Films has picked up Taken, a thriller pitch from Karl Garjdusek about an unhappily married couple who survive a home invasion and try to heal their marriage. It’s described as containing elements of Panic Room, which honestly we’re fine with, so long as those elements don’t include “a dumb subplot about getting your daughter’s insulin.” [HR]

Who Will Be America’s Next Top Janet Jackson?