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Upcoming Wii Light-Saber Game Almost Makes Up For the ‘Star Wars’ Prequels

As if you needed another reason to quit your job, ditch your friends, and barricade yourself indoors with your Nintendo Wii for months on end, LucasArts will soon release Star Wars: The Clone Wars, a game that will finally allow players to control an onscreen light saber by recklessly swinging a Wiimote around their living room.

People have been clamoring for exactly such a product ever since the Wii’s motion-sensing controller was unveiled in 2006; the fact that LucasArts has spent so long developing it makes us believe it’ll be pretty awesome. Surely this will be the greatest-ever thing to come from the Star Wars universe, right? We think so!

Wii Star Wars Trailer [/Film]

Wii Light-Saber Game is Coming