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9021-Oh Shit: Brenda’s Back

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Doherty Checks Her Address: Shannen Doherty is in talks to bring back Brenda Walsh for the CW’s 902102, joining Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling. The deal hasn’t closed yet because she’s still negotiating the “I can be a bitch on set and show up whenever I want” clause. [Variety]

Too Bad for Kilmer and Xzibit: Val Kilmer and part-time ride-pimper Xzibit have joined the cast of Werner Herzog’s Bad Lieutenant remake. Kilmer will play Nicholas Cage’s partner. Xzibit will play their nemesis named Big Fade. Herzog will play a crazy director who once ate his own shoe. [Variety]

Madden in Debt: John Madden, the non-football-commentating director of Shakespeare in Love, is in talks to helm The Debt for Miramax. Drama follows an Israeli intelligence agent who let a Nazi war criminal escape in the 60s, and then must catch him when he resurfaces in the 90s. According to Madden, “It’s a lot like missing a key tackle early and then making up for it with a sack when Coach calls a Dime-Normal Engage Eight blitz.” [HR]

Imperioli Heads for Red Planet: Sopranos alum Michael Imperioli will co-star in ABC’s new drama series Life on Mars, about a detective who gets knocked out and finds himself transported back to 1973, where he then still works as a sleuth. Imperioli will play a politically incorrect colleague who presumably gets murdered after a car wreck in the fourth to last episode. [HR]

The Beards are Back: ZZ Top has signed a new record deal with Rick Rubin’s American Recordings, in the hopes that he might shake out their beards and find a platinum record among all the usual crumbs and chicken bones tangled up in there. [Billboard]

9021-Oh Shit: Brenda’s Back