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Brooklyn Vegan Now Just Posting Photos of Random Cute Indie Girls

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Popular indie-music blog Brooklyn Vegan has long been a bastion of local concert news and photojournalism, providing minimal original writing but many high-quality shots of all our favorite artists rocking it out. But as the summer concert season kicks into full swing, we can’t help but notice that the site’s photos now have a disturbing new subject: You!

Along with waiting in long bathroom lines, being forced to throw away umbrellas at the gate, and enjoying not-so-hot acoustics, it seems that summer concertgoers — particularly women — now have to deal with blog photographers and their long-lens cameras.

Take the recap of June 20’s Gogol Bordello show, the photos of which include several crowd members having a nice rest — they just so happen to have a little crack showing. But it was yesterday’s recap of Feist’s Prospect Park show that really started to edge into creepiness, with a few long-range shots of random women just hanging out.

It’s one thing to have crowd shots that reflect a concert’s atmosphere; it’s another just to shoot some hotties and put it up on your music site for the world to enjoy. In doing so, Brooklyn Vegan skirts close to Time Inc.’s unlamented Office Pirates Website and its galleries of cute girls walking on Houston Street. We’re sure the Feist fans in question loved checking in at Brooklyn Vegan to see voyeuresque photos of themselves above comments like “more pictures of the indie sluts please” and “I’d mushabang those Feist-type girls.” Some readers rightly objected, pointing out that Brooklyn Vegan is meant to “showcase artists, not hot chicks in the crowd.” Tune in Monday to see if we picked our nose at this weekend’s Breeders show! —Michael D. Ayers

Feist & Juana Molina @ Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY - pics [Brooklyn Vegan]

Brooklyn Vegan Now Just Posting Photos of Random Cute Indie Girls