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Bruce Campbell to Once More Wear the Chainsaw Arm in Sam Raimi’s ‘Evil Dead 4’?

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Hail to the King, Baby: At the Drag Me to Hell Comic-Con panel, writer-director Sam Raimi said flat-out he’d “love to make another Evil Dead picture. And actually that’s in the wheelhouse. I’d like to work on it with my brother Ivan when he comes up next week.” He also said he’d love to work with boomstick-toting Bruce Campbell again, a prospect that has us drooling — even if all he does is say “I’m getting too old for this shit” nonstop for two hours. [Geeks of Doom]

Meet Rogue’s Gallery: Ving Rhames, Ellen Barkin, Rob Corddry, Bob Odenkirk, Jeffrey Tambor, and Maggie Q will fill out the cast of Darko Entertainment’s Rogue’s Gallery, the story of several government spy teams who battle it out in an underground bunker after their boss is assassinated. When our old boss was assassinated, we just went to Applebee’s to celebrate with some jalapeño poppers. [HR]

Gibson, Ho!: Our friends at Comingsooncaught up with Tyrese Gibson at the Death Race press junket in San Diego and talk quickly turned to Warner Bros.’ Thundercats. Gibson said he’s very involved in the project, and when asked which character he’ll play, he said with a smile: “there’s a number of options on the table.” Don’t play coy with us, PANTHRO! [Comingsoon]

Warfield Has Fashion Sense: Sonja Warfield will adapt Falling Out of Fashion for Hilary Swank’s 2S Films. Karen Yampolsky’s novel follows a young woman who leaves a hippie commune to become a magazine editor in Manhattan. We’re much more interested in seeing a movie adapted from Warfield’s own upcoming actual self-help book, Big Fat Negro Get Your Lazy, Punk, Bitch Ass Off of My Couch. HR]

13 Finds a Home: 13, Jason Robert Brown’s new musical, will open at the Bernard B. Jacobs theater on October 5. Cast announcements will come soon, once the lists are posted at Stagedoor Manor. [Playbill]

Bruce Campbell to Once More Wear the Chainsaw Arm in Sam Raimi’s ‘Evil Dead 4’?