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‘Chinese Democracy’ to Be Four Albums, Claims Now-Fired Video-Game Spokesman

Now that “Shackler’s Revenge,” a track allegedly from Guns N’ Roses century-in-the-making Chinese Democracy, is officially making its debut on the soundtrack to upcoming video game Rock Band 2, some are wondering if this means the album might actually be released someday. So, an investigative journalist with huge balls and a vague affiliation with the Website New Guns N’ Roses cornered an employee of MTV Games (RB2’s developer) at this week’s E3 conference, trying to land a scoop. After an on-the-record interview failed to glean the desired info, our intrepid reporter pretended to shut off his camera while the video-game spokesman dropped huge, exciting, probably false details about Democracy’s purportedly impending release.

He claims it will actually be four albums released simultaneously, and that GN’R are in talks with MTV for a big promotional push to coincide with this September’s Video Music Awards. Could this possibly be true? We doubt it. But if it is, Axl has probably already dispatched a team of ninjas to the offices of MTV Games.

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‘Chinese Democracy’ to Be Four Albums, Claims Now-Fired Video-Game Spokesman