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Doris Lessing Tells Harold Bloom Where to Stick It

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“It was a very malicious thing. If he gets the Nobel Prize, believe me, I won’t be as bitchy.” Doris Lessing on Harold Bloom calling her Nobel Prize win “pure political correctness” [NYTM]

“Michael Biehn in Terminator 1 is fucking awesome, so the whole thing is to see how he became so awesome so that Linda Hamilton would sleep with him.” Anton Yelchin on Terminator Salvation [Deadline Hollywood Daily]

“One of the things that defines a country song for me is that it’s honest. It’s not putting on a tuxedo to go eat at the Burger King. It’s about a song being emotionally true to itself.” Kristian Bush [NYT]

“I wanted a song that I could hear when I’m poppin’ bottles.” Nas on the last-minute addition of “Hero” to his latest album [MTV]

“We’re doing the Green Hornet next, but he does a lot of ketamine, so that doesn’t really count.” Seth Rogen [E!]

“Playing Laura Bush, it’s really just like playing a porn star. Just the hair is different.” Elizabeth Banks [BuzzSugar]

Doris Lessing Tells Harold Bloom Where to Stick It