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Finally, a ‘Watchmen’ Video Game That Lets You Kill Woodward and Bernstein

Photo: Getty Images, DC Comics

Last week, when Warner Bros. announced it was developing a video game to promote the release of next year’s Watchmen film, we figured it’d be just another boring console movie adaptation, something along the lines of practically every other crappy one that’s ever been made. Turns out we were completely wrong! At Comic-Con over the weekend, Watchmen director Zack Snyder was asked by a fan about the game’s plot, which he described thusly: “Woodward and Bernstein are in New York lecturing and the Comedian assassinates them … We tried to come up with an idea where you, like, kill Woodward and Bernstein.”

Apparently Snyder wrote the story, which aims to fill a few of the gaps in the Watchmen universe. In the original comic series, Richard Nixon, having repealed the 22nd Amendment and eliminated presidential term limits, remains in office through the eighties — which he’s able to do thanks to a Watchmen-aided victory in Vietnam and the fact that Watergate never became an issue. In a flashback sequence, the Comedian makes reference to having murdered Woodward and Bernstein before they could finish their reporting. We guess, then, in context this all makes sense and it’s not like the game is asking you to kill two lions of investigative journalism for no reason at all. Even so, it sounds awesome!

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Finally, a ‘Watchmen’ Video Game That Lets You Kill Woodward and Bernstein