Get Ready For Sing-Along ‘Xanadu’

Photo: Universal/Everett Collection

Last fall, we reported on the untimely demise of the popular Buffy the Vampire Slayer sing-along. Despite repeated efforts from creators and fans to resurrect the show, we’re sad to report that it doesn’t look like The Buffy Musical will rise from the grave anytime soon. But sing-along fans, take heart, and recalibrate your camp-meters, because the producers behind The Buffy Musical will be debuting a new audience-participation event later this month, sans slayer. And who will be replacing our plucky Buffy?

Olivia Newton-John. Yep, that’s right. Producers are resurrecting the 1980 camp classic Xanadu, complete with a stage and lyrics so the audience can sing along to the sizzling Electric Light Orchestra soundtrack. For die-hard Xana-fans, creators are even promising bonus trivia. We imagine the sing-along will be able to lure fans of the Tony-nominated Xanadu musical — in our perfect world, the two events would merge, creating one enormous, leg warmer–wearing, roller-skating entertainment behemoth that will take over the city. —Tammy Oler

A new sing along show: XANADU [Official site]

Get Ready For Sing-Along ‘Xanadu’