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Great Moments in Movie Marketing: Hellboy vs. God

Raising Hell: That church outside New York’s windows doesn’t stand a chance against the might of Hellboy. Neither does James Lipton, for that matter.

Dispatch From Harvey, 1996: Twelve years ago some hapless assistant recorded Harvey Weinstein glad-handing Joe Roth for ten minutes as they both complain about Michael Ovitz’s legendary $100 million golden parachute. Of all the conversations you could tape-record Harvey having, this is about the 8,000th-most Harveyish. [Gawker]
Note: “On the other hand, Harvey optioned Wolf Boy, so he’s okay in our book!”

Wack or Dope?: The Observer’s J. Gabriel Boylan writes thoughtfully about white kids and rap, circa 1994, and asks why The Wackness didn’t explore its own cultural appropriation a little more. Illin’. (“Verb, variant of ill. Doing things that can get you in trouble, i.e. vandalism, doing drugs, etc.”) [NYO]

Movie Critics Actually Matter: Math proves it! [Slate]

New Times Blog About Saddest Family in World: We love graphic designer Christoph Niemann’s illustrated story about his sons, who are totally in love with the New York subway system. They’ve memorized all the lines, ride trains for hours, and even describe colors by the train line they represent. Then we read Niemann’s bio and wept: “After 11 years in New York, he moved to Berlin.” [Abstract City/NYT]

Great Moments in Movie Marketing: Hellboy vs. God