Grizzly Bear Really Excited About Forthcoming Album

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1. Grizzly Bear, “Two Weeks”

Their new album may not be due until next April, but Grizzly Bear took to Letterman on Wednesday to give a (really) early preview. Sounds pretty good so far! [Stereogum]

2. GZA, “Alphabets”
At the beginning of this new track from his forthcoming album Pro Tools, GZA claims that “all I need is a beat with a continuous loop.” And then he proves it. [Grand Good]

3. Gnarls Barkley, “The Reckoner” (Radiohead cover)
You probably couldn’t find two guys who looked less alike than Thom Yorke and Cee Lo Green, but the Soul Machine does a good job matching the Radiohead front man’s pipes on this live cover. [Hypeful]

4. Native Korean Rock, “OOO”
While Yeah Yeah Yeah Nick Zinner has been off playing guitar for ScarJo, his bandmate Karen O has been singing with her weird (but great!) new side project. Everybody wins! [Brooklyn Vegan]

5. DMX, “Soldier”
DMX would like you to believe that his recent trouble with the law is like some harrowing war movie, with the rapper playing the “soldier, warrior, man-at-arms.” That doesn’t quite explain the animal cruelty and identity theft, though. [Sit Down Stand Up]
—Ehren Gresehover

Grizzly Bear Really Excited About Forthcoming Album