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Harvey Keitel to Slum It on Television

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Keitel Arrives on Mars: Life on Mars is beginning to sound a thousand times better than the crappy original pilot we watched last month! Harvey Keitel has just joined Michael Imperioli in the cast, signing on to play Detective Gene Hut, his first-ever recurrent TV role. Does this mean Quentin Tarantino didn’t write him a part in Inglorious Bastards? [Variety]

Bubble Fluid Stolen: More than three tons of the liquid used to make the giant, elephant-encapsulating bubbles in Off Broadway’s Gazillion Bubble Show have been stolen, though a spokesman says no performances will be affected. Police advise you to be on the lookout for any suspicious-looking persons in huge motherfucking bubbles. [Playbill]

Paramount Drops the Hammer: Like they said they would a month ago, Paramount has combined Vantage’s marketing, distribution, and physical production departments with its own and eliminated about 60 jobs. [Deadline Hollywood Daily]

Your New Terminators Revealed: The eagle-eyed nerds at io9 have examined frame-by-frame the new trailer for Terminator Salvation, giving us a closer look at the human-killing machines Christian Bale’s John Connor will have to contend with. Unlucky for him, they don’t look like the sort of evil robots who tolerate cussing. [io9]

Our Namesakes Are Awesome: Six hilarious real-life turkey vultures have been circling an orthopedic hospital in Milwaukee, making patients nervous (and us proud!). [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]

Harvey Keitel to Slum It on Television