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Kristen Bell Loves Inflicting High-Voltage Pain

Giddily zapping all the way to the bank.Photo: Getty Images

“I’m just happy to be electrocuting people again!” Kristen Bell on returning for the next season of Heroes [People]

“I hate looking at my face, so I can’t imagine what other people think. ‘Guess what? There’s 5 million fucking Seth Rogen movies coming out in the next three months!’” Seth Rogen understands your pain [GQ]

“That’s how I would describe it: mossy and evil. And I think the more mossy and the more evil, the better, at this point.” — Decemberists’ Colin Meloy on their upcoming album [MTV]

“Maybe if The Beatles could somehow get back together or if Jimi Hendrix came back from the dead, I would pay $1,000. But if you pay that much for me, you’re not going to be happy. I’m not worth more than the face value of the ticket.” Billy Joel on news that tickets for his upcoming Shea Stadium show are selling for thousands of dollars online [Newsday via PopMatters]

“I made the mistake of stumbling on an Internet site of fans and what they thought of the casting, I hope I don’t cross them on the street before the movie. Maybe they’ll change their minds when I’m in leather pants and bustier.” Mila Kunis on Max Payne fans, demonstrating that she completely understands gamers [USAT]

Kristen Bell Loves Inflicting High-Voltage Pain