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Is Amy Poehler ‘Office’-Bound?

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Poehler Gets a Day Job?: And so the upfront rumors have come to pass; Amy Poehler is in negotiations to join Aziz Ansari in NBC’s spinoff of The Office. Yes, we’re excited for her new career move but way more excited by the prospect of Kristin Wiig awkwardly hosting “Weekend Update.” [HR]

Spielberg Sells Soul to El Diablo: Steven Spielberg can’t get enough of Diablo Cody; he apparently had so much fun with The United States of Tara that he’s tapped the former stripper to write an untitled DreamWorks comedy based on his original idea. All things considered, he might as well let her take a stab at Indy 5 while he’s at it. [Variety]

Theroux to Wear the Iron Pants: Tropic Thunder’s Justin Theroux is in final negotiations to write Iron Man 2 for Paramount, firmly establishing him as a multi-hyphenate “guy who acts funny and writes funny action stuff too” (that label’s admittedly clunky, but we’re sure it’ll catch on). Everything’s shaping up dandy for the sequel, so long as Theroux doesn’t do his trademark move and make Robert Downey Jr. black. [HR]

Spitfire Goes Uptown: Spitfire Pictures is putting together a documentary on Billy Joel’s Shea Stadium concerts this week — you know, the one where tickets were being scalped for $100,000? It’s going to be a riveting movie if the Piano Man’s enthusiasm is any indication: “This is something I’ve been avoiding my whole life, and I suppose I can’t put if off any longer.” [Variety]

Williams Is a New Dad: Robin Williams and Alexie Gilmore will star in World’s Greatest Dad, the story of a poetry teacher (Williams) whose son dies in a freak masturbation accident. To spare the family shame, he fakes a suicide note that ends up getting published and becoming a sensation. A movie ensues, but we’re not sure if it’s a Farrelly-brothers comedy or a brooding Jarmusch drama. [HR]

Is Amy Poehler ‘Office’-Bound?