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Jack Black Is Heading Back to ‘School’

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White, Linklater Held Back Too: As recently revealed by Mike White, Paramount is developing a sequel to School of Rock, reuniting the original team — Jack Black starring, Mike White writing, Richard Linklater directing, and Scott Rudin producing. School of Rock 2: America Rocks follows Jack Black as he takes a group of summer-school kids (unfortunately not these summer-school kids) on a road trip where they explore the roots of rock, blues, country, and rap. And obviously they meet up with Kyle Gass at some point. [Variety]

Cooper and Helms Feeling Hungover: Ed Helms and Wedding CrashersBradley Cooper will star in Todd Phillips’s Hangover, the story of three buddies who lose a groom at his Vegas bachelor party. We kind of wish some of these movies that happen in Vegas would stay — well, you get the idea. [HR]

Zobel Drinks His Milk: Craig Zobel will direct Loudermilk for Rogue Pictures and Jon Heder’s Greasy Entertainment. Comedy centers on a “Napoleon Dynamite–like oddball” who gets superpowers. Dear Jon Heder: If you’re producing and starring in your own movie, it’s canonically douchey to call your main character “Napoleon Dynamite–like.” [HR]

2000 Minutes to Midnight: Fox 2000 has picked up One Minute to Midnight, Michael Dobbs’s account of the Cuban Missile Crisis. Yes, Fox 2000 is aware that they’re making a movie that already exists (cough, Thirteen Days), so they’re going to focus on a “nearly forgotten incident”: a U-2 spy plane that accidentally entered Soviet airspace and had to land in Alaska. [Variety]

Grazer Invades Iran: Universal has bought Richard Regen’s Tehran for Brian Grazer’s Imagine Entertainment to produce. Drama follows an American professor living in 1977 pre-coup Iran who works for the U.S. government, reporting back to them on the state of affairs. [Variety]

Jack Black Is Heading Back to ‘School’