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Jennifer Lopez Elected ‘Governess’

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Lopez Steals Hearts, Money: Jennifer Lopez will star in Yari Film Group’s The Governess, the story of a thief who must pose as a nanny to three unruly children and a wealthy widower in order to pull off a heist. But what will happen when she falls for the family? And what will happen when Lopez attempts a triathlon this fall? In both cases, comedy will no doubt ensue. [Variety]

Warner Bros. Lays Foundation: Throwing caution to the wind, New Line founders Bob Shaye and Michael Lynne’s first project as producers for Warner Bros. will be Isaac Asimov’s Foundation. The story, spanning hundreds of years, is set in a world where society has figured out how to predict the future and created a “foundation,” if you will, to protect itself. How will Shaye and Lynne crack the trilogy that some have called impossible to adapt? Hint: They’ll use the old “Will Smith and clever Converse marketing like I, Robot” routine. [HR]

Fiennes Has a Riddle: USA Today has revealed the identity of Tom Riddle in the new Harry Potter movie (pics, please!). Since Ralph Fiennes is Voldemort, naturally his nephew Hero Fiennes-Tiffin landed the part of young Voldemort. Fingers crossed that we’ll see Joseph Fiennes as early-thirties Voldemort, Ebenezer Fiennes as old Voldemort, and family dog Marmaduke Fiennes as Voldemort’s Great Dane. [USAT]

Eisner Ditches the Mouse: As part of their new “Suck It, Disney” programming strategy, Nickelodeon’s Nick at Nite has ordered twenty episodes of Glenn Martin DDS, a stop-motion series about a dentist and his family, created by former Disney CEO Michael Eisner (Oh no they di’in!). “When he showed us the pilot for Glenn Martin, it fit into this strategy we are pursuing,” reiterated Nick Family Group president Cyma Zarghami, before dancing on her desk and revealing a “Suck It, Disney” tramp stamp. [Variety]

Taylor Gets a Splinter: Rachael Taylor, whom you may remember as the improbably hot blonde computer expert in Transformers, will star in Splinterheads, a carnival comedy written and directed by Brant Sersen. We suppose even Jonah Hill would rather play a carny con artist instead of going to Princeton with Shia LaBeouf in Transformers 2. [HR]

Jennifer Lopez Elected ‘Governess’