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Jim Caviezel: ‘I’m Not a Number, I’m a Free Man!’ Ian McKellen: ‘You’re a Number’

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McKellen Takes No Prisoners: Ian McKellen will McKellen as Number Two and Jim Caviezel will play Number Six in AMC’s six-part mini-series remake of The Prisoner, Patrick McGoohan’s cult series from the sixties about a bunch of dudes trapped on an island with a giant balloon. [Variety]

Carter vs. Skynet: Helena Bonham Carter is in talks to join McG’s Terminator Salvation. Roles are being kept under wraps, but it’s possible she plays a terminator sent from the future to woo Tim Burton. [HR]

Guest for the Night: Christopher Guest will play Ivan the Terrible in Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian. Joining him are Jon Benthal as Al Capone and Bill Hader as General Custer, and a French guy named Alain Chabat will play a French guy named Napoleon. [HR]

Noyce Passes the Salt: Phillip Noyce is in talks to direct Columbia’s Edwin A. Salt, a spy drama for Tom Cruise to headline. Story pits Cruise as a CIA agent accused of being a Russian sleeper spy who must elude capture so he can prove his innocence. Cruise can next be seen in Tropic Thunder, and then presumably about twenty more movies before Valkyrie gets released. [Variety]

Roth Is a Filthy Liar: Tim Roth will make his TV-series debut in Fox’s Lie to Me, about a “human lie detector, skilled at reading the human face, body, and voice.” You recall in Pulp Fiction, this ability is how Roth knew Samuel L. Jackson was telling the truth about his Bad Mother Fucker wallet. [Variety]

Jim Caviezel: ‘I’m Not a Number, I’m a Free Man!’ Ian McKellen: ‘You’re a Number’