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John Waters to Apply Another Blast of ‘Hairspray’

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New Line Tests the Waters: Seems like New Line woke up, looked in the mirror, tousled their curly locks, and suddenly realized … “We need more Hairspray!” Accordingly, thin-mustache aficionado John Waters has signed on to write a treatment for a sequel to 2007’s musical feature; director-choreographer Adam Shankman and songwriters Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman have leaped back aboard as well. Of all the sequels to movies made from musicals reworked from movies, this is the one we’re most excited about. Until 2011 when 10 to 6: Workin’ Overtime comes out. [Variety]

Meat Loaf Again?: Seems like MTV woke up, looked in the mirror, tousled their curly locks, and suddenly realized … “We need to remake The Rocky Horror Picture Show for no reason, and maybe add a few new songs but otherwise just follow the original exactly!” Accordingly, they’ve — wait, seriously? What the hell? The original has made more than $140 million by running practically nonstop for 30 years; is there honestly any compelling reason to remake it — other than giving hack writers a chance to make “What is this, a Time Warp” jokes at your expense? [Variety]

Burton Asks Alice: Mia Wasikowska! Oh wait, you’re not immediately cheering because you’re not Australian? Let’s start again: After scouring the globe, Tim Burton has cast In Treatment’s Aussie actress Mia Wasikowska as Alice in his no-doubt insane version of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. The 3-D film will be half live-action and half motion-capture animation, with Garfield’s Tim King presumably holding his breath to direct the Cheshire Cat second unit. [HR]

Wright Bumps a Line: Evan Wright, the gonzo writer who embedded himself with the 1st Recon Battalion Marines and gave us Generation Kill, will write Cocaine Cowboys for Paramount. True story follows Jon Roberts (Mark Wahlberg), a Vietnam vet who gets tight with the Mafia and ends up dealing billions of dollars worth of cocaine to the Medellin drug cartel. Vincent Chase is in discussions to co-star and we expect Billy Walsh to replace Peter Berg any day now. [HR]

Lionsgate Roars for Perry: Tyler Perry has signed a new three-year first-look deal with Lionsgate, ensuring the relationship that brought you Diary of a Mad Black Woman will continue until just before 2012, when Roland Emmerich’s dark apocalyptic visions will come true. [Variety]

John Waters to Apply Another Blast of ‘Hairspray’