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Joss Whedon Will Be Here All Week. Try the Veal.

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“You know why I’m really bummed? They canceled Shark, so I never had a chance to use the phrase, ‘Man, that show really swam under the Fonz.’” Joss Whedon [Newark Star-Ledger]

“They crazy, man. They sent a memo out. I don’t wanna talk about it. We gonna take legal action … I guess they did that for promotional purposes. It’s not good that they did that. They didn’t have to do that.” 50 Cent on Taco Bell’s suggestion that he change his name to “79 Cent,” “89 Cent,” or “99 Cent” [MTV]

“I went platinum in 16 different countries. Africa? Double platinum. Ireland? Double platinum. New Zealand? Triple platinum. London? Platinum. London is the hardest place to go platinum. France? Platinum. They don’t like nobody unless you French, but they like me.” Timbaland on his certain … je ne sais quoi [MTV]

“My house is not complete without an American Moonman, and I would say ‘Touch My Body’ deserves one. Brett Ratner directed it, I have a unicorn in there, I have [Guitar Hero] in there — who else has that?” Mariah Carey makes her case for an MTV Video Music Award [MTV]

“I don’t know anything about fighting for a sex scene to be taken out. That could have been in an earlier draft, and maybe David had enough sex in Californication that he didn’t want to have to do it in this film as well.” Gillian Anderson on the rumors that there was a Mulder-Scully sex scene in an early draft of The X-Files: I Want to Believe [A.V. Club]

Joss Whedon Will Be Here All Week. Try the Veal.