Kings of Leon Get Down on All Fours

Photo: Getty Images

1. Kings of Leon, “Crawl”

From their upcoming fourth album, Only by the Night, comes this bass-heavy first single which, probably predictably, never really gets off the ground. [Official site via Stereogum]

2. Bost & Bim, Brisa Roche, and Lone Ranger, “Jamaican Boy” (Estelle cover)
In an attempt to make a potential song of the summer even more summery, this trio remakes Estelle’s single and sets it in a place a slightly warmer than Brooklyn. [Airboy]

3. Santogold and Diplo, “Right Brigade” (Bad Brains cover)
When (ahem) acquiring a new album online, it’s easy to miss out on that CD-era curio, the hidden track. That’s a shame because this one from the new Santogold-Diplo mix tape is absolutely scorching. [Pretty Much Amazing]

4. Mos Def, “Twilight Speedball”
When Mos says “it ain’t all good” on this track off his forthcoming Ecstatic, he might be talking about the current state of his musical career. Fortunately, it sounds like his rapping is catching back up with his acting. [Attorney Street]

5. Cold War Kids, “Something Is Not Right With Me”
There’s definitely something not quite right with Cold War Kids, but that’s a big part of their messy, desperate appeal. This recently released track from their upcoming album is all wrong, but in a good way. [Tashed] —Ehren Gresehover

Kings of Leon Get Down on All Fours