Lily Allen Acts Civilized for Once

Photo: Getty Images

1. Lily Allen, “Who’d Have Known”

In this sunny new demo, Allen seems surprised that she’s actually found a healthy relationship with “just the right amount of awkward.” We’re even more surprised that she’s recorded a song in which no one gets told off. [Zeon’s Music Blog]

2. Feist, “1234” (live on Sesame Street)
Elmo lends his star power to this kid-friendly version of up-and-coming artist Leslie Feist’s most notable hit. [Pitchfork]

3. LL Cool J feat. the American Dream, “Baby”
LL falls for a woman “who’s looking for a man who could give her a break, like Usher or Justin Timberlake,” but he hopes she’ll settle for the hundredth next best thing. [Mixtape Maestro]

4. Starters DJs, “If I Ruled Viva la Vida”
Nas is definitely the gravy on this Coldplay mash-up. [Hot Biscuits]

5. Kissy Sell Out, “You’re on Fire”
English D.J. Kissy Sell Out goes from “pimps up/hos down” to “primp up and hoedown” on this insanely awesome new track. [Fuck You on Friday] —Ehren Gresehover

Lily Allen Acts Civilized for Once