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Neil Patrick Harris Gives Credit Where It’s Due

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“Thank Katherine Heigl for leaving a slot for me. ” —Neil Patrick Harris on his Emmy nomination [WP]

“I really can’t figure out why Root of all Evil was picked up and the others weren’t. But I’ve said time and time again, we’re on after South Park and that audience doesn’t move for 15 minutes after that show ends, so we benefit.” —Lewis Black [NYP]

“When I first read the script, I was like, ‘What? Black face?’ But when I saw him (Downey Jr.) (act) he, like, became a black man. To be honest, he played a black dude better than anybody I’ve seen!’” —Tropic Thunder co-star Brandon T. Jackson, describing Robert Downey Jr. as the best African-American actor ever [WENN via Starpulse]

“The Owl Ship’s got to have an eight-track. There’s also a coffee maker. That’s really important to the Owl Ship.” Zack Snyder, pointing out important features of Nite Owl’s ship built for Watchmen [AP via Yahoo]

“I’m disappointed. I’m really disappointed. I pride myself on being 100 percent who I am. If I went to college and had a job before, I would just say that … Him, in my opinion, I just think he should have just addressed it. ‘Look, man. I was 19. It was a part of my life. I got to the coke later.’” —Brooklyn emcee Maino on Rick Ross’s past as a prison guard [MTV]

Neil Patrick Harris Gives Credit Where It’s Due