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Next Harry Potter Movie Will Be Exactly Like ‘Trainspotting’

Photo-illustration: Getty Images, Courtesy of Warner Brothers

Desperately unhappy playing a teenage wizard in children’s movies, Daniel Radcliffe is trying to ratchet up excitement for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by claiming the movie will feature similarities to 1996’s heroin-addiction comedy Trainspotting. “There’s a fair amount of sexual energy and drug parallels,” he tells Empire magazine, on whose cover he appears this month, bloody and with broken glasses. “We have a couple of what David Yates, the director, calls our ’Trainspotting moments.’”

We can’t specifically recall any Trainspotting moments in the original book, so the speculation is that he’s lying — but what if he’s not? Like Ewan McGregor, Radcliffe hasn’t exactly shown an allergy to pantsless acting, and we suppose there’s nothing necessarily preventing Yates from taking a little artistic licence (besides the movie studio, Rowling, an army of lawyers, and hundreds of millions of irate Harry Potter fans). At the very least, one assumes there will be a Quidditch match set to “Lust for Life” and a scene in which Dumbledore teaches Harry a spell to get hallucinated dead babies down off the ceiling.

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Next Harry Potter Movie Will Be Exactly Like ‘Trainspotting’