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Oasis’ New Album Will Cost $15 at the Store

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“That’s not our bag. I didn’t spend a year in the most expensive studio in England, with the most expensive producer in America and the most expensive graphic designer in London, to then give it away. Fuck that.” —Oasis’ Noel Gallagher is no Thom Yorke [Sun UK]

“Half of the women in Nebraska don’t want to have my child. Not everybody in movies is there because they’re fulfilling some sexual fantasies for the audience. There are some people that do that. I just do something else.” Robbie Coltrane doesn’t believe he can turn you on [MCT via PopMatters]

“I went to [producer] Cary [Granat], I met Eric, pitched all this to him, and said, ‘Look, he’s got all the setpieces pre-visualized, and they’re great, I’ve seen the artwork and everything like that. All you need to do is just change the words, and that’s relatively inexpensive.’” Brendan Fraser reveals that the cheapest way to improve Journey to the Center of the Earth was to rewrite the script [A.V. Club]

“I like romantic comedies. I’ve been in one and I fucking loved it. I got to show off and I got to be a dick. It’s always fun to play dicks. That’s why I loved Last King — I got to be such a wanker.” James McAvoy [Details]

“We probably only have one to one and a half songs right now, and we probably need 12 to 15. It might take the rest of our lives, but I think it’ll be worth waiting for.” Kyle Gass on the forthcoming Tenacious D album [Billboard]

Oasis’ New Album Will Cost $15 at the Store