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‘Office’ Spinoff Really a Non-Spinoff, But Now There’s Another Spinoff

Photos: Getty Images, istockphoto, courtesy of NBC

Our heads are spinning off! NBC wunderkind Ben Silverman confirmed yesterday that while Amy Poehler has been cast in an upcoming NBC sitcom from Greg Daniels, the creator of The Office, it is not an Office spinoff. “Amy will never appear in the world of The Office,” Silverman said, describing the un-spinoff as “a new concept that’s set stylistically similar to The Office.” It will premiere in the spring, pushed back from its initial post–Super Bowl slot by Poehler’s pregnancy.

However! That doesn’t mean there won’t be an Office spinoff, and fast! “We are also going to be continue to pursue the spinoff,” Silverman said, and added that it will include both characters already on The Office and new characters introduced to the show for the purpose of being spun off. It’s funny that this whole situation has become so complicated that The Office is now a “world” with its own continuity, as if we’re in the Buffyverse or something. The world of The Office is much like our own, only with much better-funded workplace documentary crews.

NBC wants both a Poehler show and an ‘Office’ spin-off [Live Feed/HR]

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‘Office’ Spinoff Really a Non-Spinoff, But Now There’s Another Spinoff