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Pot Smoker Nearly Ejected From Pot-Smoking Party for Pot-Smoking

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Buzz Kill: Seth Rogen was threatened with expulsion from a Maxim party for Pineapple Express at San Diego’s Solamar Hotel after a security guard claims to have seen him smoking a marijuana cigarette. [NYP, Defamer]

Naked Actors Hoping to Move Indoors: The Public Theater’s production of Hair, currently at Central Park’s Delacorte Theater, could move to Broadway if the show’s producers have their way. A poster for the show appeared on the official Website for Broadway Booking Office, indicating the Public Theater is seeking to transfer the show after it completes its outdoor run on August 31 — exciting news for its actors and their mosquito-bitten genitals! [Playbill]

Shia LaBeouf Actually a Hero: Following yesterday’s revelation that Shia LaBeouf’s accident on Sunday wasn’t his fault (despite his being drunk), it’s now being reported that the actor was encouraged by the other driver to flee the scene before cops arrived, but LaBeouf stayed saying, “Nah, man. I gotta deal with this,” according to a witness. Also, said the witness, LaBeouf tried to talk George Lucas out of making the new Indiana Jones, but Lucas wouldn’t listen. [MTV]

Cedric the Entertainer Finally Coming to Broadway: Cedric the Entertainer is joining John Leguizamo in Broadway’s production of David Mamet’s American Buffalo this fall, terrific news for all for Cedric fans who’ve long suspected he was better than every movie he’s ever been cast in. [NYP]

Alicia Keys Doing Things: Alicia Keys is reportedly under consideration for the role of Agent 355 in the possible film adaptation of Bryan K. Vaughan’s Y: The Last Man. Also, she’s singing the next Bond theme with Jack White. Amy Winehouse was the producers’ first choice, but “she was too busy doing drugs,” says Nikki Finke. [/Film, Deadline Hollywood Daily]

Pot Smoker Nearly Ejected From Pot-Smoking Party for Pot-Smoking